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CWS Logo with a drawing of a fist rising under the half circle of words Coalition for Women Students and next to it in large letters are CWS.

The Women*S Center advises the Coalition for Women Students (CWS). CWS was formed in 1912 as the Association for Women Students (AWS). The term “coalition” was adopted in the fall of 1993 to express a common vision for the student groups involved. Currently, CWS is comprised of ten organizations and is open to adding more voices to the table.

The Coalition for Women Students appreciates the support of the student body. Many of our organizations, programs, events, and retreats are due largely to the Services and Activities Fees (S&A Fees) support.  

CWS funds Cougar Safe Rides, which offers all community members a safe ride home at night during the school year. 

If you are an active member and are seeking funding for your organization, please fill out the following request in a timely manner for approval: CWS Funding Request Form.

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More Registered Student Organizations for Women

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is an organization that promotes and encourages women in mathematics. Our mission is to encourage involvement and provide support for women in the mathematical sciences through mentorship and professional development. This group is open to anyone who supports the advancement of women in math. We are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Association for Women in STEM (AWSTEM)

The mission of the Coalition is to provide support for all Asian Pacific students in the university environment while enhancing cultural diversity. The Coalition is a student organization with elected officers that sponsors social, cultural, and academic activities; provides student peer support and leadership training; and sponsors Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Association of Pacific and Asian Women (APAW)

Over the years, APAW has sought to bring multiculturalism to the WSU community and Pullman community. We seek to heighten the awareness of the unique and diverse cultures of Pacific and Asian women. We thrive to explore and address issues concerning Pacific and Asian women, and all students. We sponsor many projects, and we have succeeded in bringing our own sense of pride to our heritage, culture, and individualism. APAW is an organization that believes in equal opportunity for women.

Black Women’s caucus

Black Women’s caucus serves as a support system for African American women on the Washington state university campus. We strive to engage students at Washington state university, to enrich their academic and social experience by developing opportunities for black Women.

Coalition for Women Students (CWS)

As members of the Coalition for Women Students, we strive to pursue gender equality by meeting the educational needs of women students at Washington State University. We develop leadership opportunities for women, with an emphasis on empowering women of color.

Graduate Society of Women Engineers

GradSWE is a non-profit educational organization committed to informing, encouraging, and empowering female engineering graduate students to thrive in graduate school and beyond. We aim to create a supportive community that will improve the retention of women in graduate engineering programs. Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on providing members with the resources they need to succeed in graduate school and their future careers in industry or academia. We welcome female graduate students from the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) and math and science majors. Male graduate students are also welcome to join our organization and support their fellow female classmates.

Graduate Women of Color Alliance (GWOCA)

The purpose of this organization is to create a space where graduate women of color can feel comfortable presenting their full selves, as we hope to make it easier for them to navigate the extra pressures of the academy that may fall on them. The Graduate Women of Color Alliance (GWOCA) is dedicated to creating social experiences, academic accountability, and fostering community between the women of color within Washington State University’s graduate school. Our goals include hosting academic accountability sessions, social events ever semester, and a speaker series at the end of each year.

Native American Women's Association (NAWA)

Native American Women's Association provides a safe space for Indigenous people, Indigenous Women, and everyone in general. We aim to improve Indigenous Women's voices here at Washington State University. We also provide cultural events to continue our traditions and customs.

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers exists to encourage women to pursue engineering as a career. This not only includes recruitment, but also support and networking. At WSU we are focused on: Recruitment, Retention, and Service. We welcome women from the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) as well as math and science majors. Men are welcome to join our group and support their classmates and fellow future engineers.

Women In Business at WSU

WSU Women in Business aims to empower women of all backgrounds to become leaders in today's world. By holding meetings and events, we hope to provide business education, networking, mentorship, leadership development workshops, and social events. Members in WSUWIB will have the chance to join a community dedicated to helping one another succeed. We hope to better prepare WSU business women to be successful in the classroom and as future business professionals.