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Women*s Center

Strengthening Community, Envisioning Justice


Our mission is to engage with the multi-dimensional experiences of women, to challenge patterns of injustice for people of all genders, and to provide a welcoming and inclusive space. We elevate all marginalized voices while prioritizing prerogatives to learn, organize, and support one another as peers and mentors. We foster a community dynamic both within and beyond the Women*s Center that is collaborative, creative, and inclusive.

What's with the asterisk?

In 2018, we updated our name from the Women's Resource Center to the Women*s Center. We kept a similar name to honor the history of the women at WSU, especially the Association of Women Students, which began in 1912. The asterisk is our way of saying there's more to this story. We welcome anyone of any gender. We respect everyone who walks in for who they are.

COVID-19 Women*s Center Closed

In response to concerns around limiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the decision to close the Women*s Center to the public temporarily until further notice. For updated information please visit WSU COVID-19


If we have to be tied to our computers, let's listen to things that keep us motivated and uplifted.  Come give our playlist a listen and share your current favorite artists and songs. (Warning explicit content is in this playlist and marked accordingly.) 

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