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The Women’s Resource Center is an integral part of Washington State University’s commitment to equity and diversity. The Center works to promote a safe and supportive climate that enables women to engage as full and active participants within the university system. The Center helps transform the educational environment into a more inclusive and progressive institution by assisting, supporting, and mentoring women at Washington State University. 

 The Women’s Resource Center develops programs to celebrate women’s diversity and contributions, while actively confronting societal challenges and obstacles through activism and working for change. Our programs address gender, race, class, and their intersections, recognizing the relevance of these inter-related social issues. Offering resources and educational programs to members of our university, we engage the larger constituencies to act as change agents for a more diverse and inclusive educational system.

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To our Trans students, we affirm your right to use the restroom that aligns with your gender identity.

To our Muslim and Middle Eastern students, we support your right to wear the clothes of your culture and to not be considered a terrorist.

To our students of color, we stand with you because your lives matter.

To our undocumented students, you are welcome here, your dreams matter, and we will help you find resources.

To our students who are survivors, we will listen to you and we will believe your stories.

To our students who are veterans, we thank you for your service.

To our students with disabilities, we value you.

To our students who identify as women, we support your right to make choices about your body.

To our LGBQ+ students, you are not broken and we are allies for you.

To all of our students, you are all a part of this campus and this community, we believe we have so much to learn from one another, we respect each of you and hope to learn from all of you.


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