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Women's Center

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Event Date:

Monday, March 4, 2019

M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom

6 PM

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Women's Recognition Celebrates Woman of the Year

The rich tradition of women’s contributions to Washington State University encompasses teachers and scholars, staff and advisors, students and alumni, administrators and regents, volunteers and friends. The WSU Women of Distinction and Woman of the Year Awards are presented annually during National Women’s History Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of women to the academic and local community, and to our society.

Women of Distinction Awardees usually include an alumna, a faculty member, a staff member, a student (undergraduate or graduate), and a woman not affiliated with WSU. All nominees for Women of Distinction Awards are eligible for the Woman of the Year Award, and nominations from all WSU campuses and locations, as well as self-nominations, are encouraged.


The awards are presented during the event on Monday, March 4 in the M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom, at 6 pm.

On the evening of March 4, we will be celebrating the accomplishments of all WSU women, including:

Kelly Ward, Lifetime Achievement Award
Anna Plemons, Woman of the Year
Dedra Buchwald, Faculty Woman of Distinction
Abby Howard, Staff Woman of Distinction
Yadira Pérez Páramo, Graduate Student Woman of Distinction
Kathy Dahmen, Alumna Woman of Distinction

Join me in congratulating our honorees as we prepare to come together for a wonderful evening in their honor.


This will be the first-ever evening award ceremony. There is no cost to attend the event.  Instead, we are encouraging donations that will support and celebrate the women of distinction at WSU.

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For those serving on the Women of Distinction Committee visit:
Women's Recognition Event Planning Information