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Women*s Center

This event is held on the traditional lands of the Palouse and Nez Perce People, and we pay our respect to elders both past and present. We honor phenomenal women that have had to navigate holding on to their native culture and yet step into a much-colonized space.  Last year we started with an opening prayer with special guest Robbie Paul from Nez Perce, an introduction to the décor by artist Doe Stahr.  Speakers included Paulina Abustan a queer Pinay scholar and activist, Rebecca Miles executive director with Nez Perce, and Lamala Thompson from American Samoa. 

Speakers Rebecca Miles, Lemala Thompson, Robbie Paul, Doe Stahr, with the staff and students of the Native American Programs.

Left to Right - Back row: Tipiziwin Tolman, Chantel Hill, Sharon Kanichy, Rebecca Miles, Lemala Thompson, Robbie Paul, Doe Stahr, Samantha Reyes, Maria Arteaga, Barbara Aston. Front row: Faith Price, Jaissa Grunlose, Shana Lombard, Kaitlin Srader, Kyra Antone, Dominique Salinas, Kerah Iyall, Joelle Edwards.