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Women*s Center

Women*s Center events bring people together to inspire, encourage, and empower them to create change in their lives and communities.  Our programming ranges from simple crafting events to week-long events with visiting speakers.  We also collaborate with campus and community partners to create educational programs during awareness months, International Women's Week, and Women's History Month.

  • Honoring Indigenous Womxn

    This event is held on the traditional lands of the Palouse and Nez Perce People, and we pay our respect to elders both past and present. We honor phenomenal women that have had to navigate holding on to their native culture and yet step into a much-colonized space.  Last year we started with an opening prayer with special guest Robbie Paul from Nez Perce, an introduction to the décor by artist Doe Stahr.  Speakers included Paulina Abustan a queer Pinay scholar and activist, Rebecca Miles executive director with Nez Perce, and Lamala Thompson from American Samoa. 

    Speakers Rebecca Miles, Lemala Thompson, Robbie Paul, Doe Stahr, with the staff and students of the Native American Programs.

    Left to Right - Back row: Tipiziwin Tolman, Chantel Hill, Sharon Kanichy, Rebecca Miles, Lemala Thompson, Robbie Paul, Doe Stahr, Samantha Reyes, Maria Arteaga, Barbara Aston. Front row: Faith Price, Jaissa Grunlose, Shana Lombard, Kaitlin Srader, Kyra Antone, Dominique Salinas, Kerah Iyall, Joelle Edwards.

  • International Women*s Day

    International Women's Day Globe Logo

    International Women*s Day

    March 8th

    According to the United Nations, International Women's Day is 'a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political'. At WSU, we celebrate the entire week as part of Women's History Month. Each year, the WSU International Women's Week Committee works together to develop a calendar of events celebrating women's challenges and achievements worldwide.

    For more information visit WSU's International Women's Day Video Production YouTube Playlist.

  • Mom*s Weekend

    Mom*s Weekend & Mom of the Year

    young woman holding an award with her mother

    young woman and her mother

    young woman holding an award with her mother

    Mom's Weekend is a fun-packed tradition for families and friends of Washington State University students to honor their mothers and showcase their contributions to the University. More than 100 exciting activities—ranging from concerts, athletic activities, exhibits, special programs, Mom of the Year Breakfast Celebration, and more—are scheduled during these three days.

    Every year, the Women's Center and the Coalition for Women Students organize the Mom's Weekend Brunch, at which the hotly contested Mom of the Year award is presented. We appreciate the chance to celebrate Coug Moms!

  • The Bandana Project | A Project of Justice for Migrant Women

    The Bandana Project: Raising awareness about workplace sexual violence. explains the banana project as 'a public awareness campaign aimed at addressing the issue of workplace sexual violence against farm-worker women in the United States.  It is an art-activism and advocacy project that serves as a healing tool for women across the U.S., Mexico and other countries'.

  • Week Without Violence

    Week Without Violence, started by YWCA, is part of a global movement to end violence against women and girls. Gender-based violence recognizes a spectrum of violence, including, but not limited to intimate partner violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and harassment. Week Without Violence programming includes the Clothesline Project and Take Back the Night. 
    The Clothesline Project displays shirts that are decorated with the testimonies of women affected by violence. Many of the shirts within WSU's collection are over 30 years old. If you are interested in sharing your experience by decorating a shirt and having it added to the display, please contact the Women*s Center. 
    Every year we march.
    Women are told to fear walking alone at night. In reality, violence happens not only in the dark and when we're alone, but in our homes and relationships. Take Back the Night, our march against sexual and domestic violence, is the closing event of WSU's Week Without Violence. People of all genders are encouraged to join us as our community gathers together in our refusal to fear the dark.


  • Women*s Recognition Celebration

    “Hear Our Voice” designed by Brooke Fischer available at

    Women's Recognition Celebrates Woman of the Year

    The rich tradition of women’s contributions to Washington State University encompasses teachers and scholars, staff and advisors, students and alumni, administrators and regents, volunteers and friends. The WSU Women of Distinction and Woman of the Year Awards are presented annually during National Women’s History Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of women to the academic and local community, and to our society.

    Women of Distinction Awardees usually include an alumna, a faculty member, a staff member, a student (undergraduate or graduate), and a woman not affiliated with WSU. All nominees for Women of Distinction Awards are eligible for the Woman of the Year Award, and nominations from all WSU campuses and locations, as well as self-nominations, are encouraged.

  • Women*s Leadership Conference

    About the Conference

    A Washington State University collaboration with University of Idaho, this conference convenes annually to celebrate our differences and create an empowered community more inclusive of women as a group, irrespective of social identity, status or institutional role.

    The event includes learning events, networking socials and more.

    For more information email