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Women*s Center

QIA (Queer Intersections Association) is an intersectional organization that specifically focuses on issues that encompass Queer folxs of color’s experiences. It is a space where people can exist as their full selves while their humanity is celebrated and supported.

Washington State University’s Queer Intersections Association is an inclusive space to meet, connect, and create strong networks of support. QIA is committed to  educating ourselves continually and our communities about the trials and victories of Queer People of Color at WSU and around the world. We advocate for the respect and celebration of the multiple, fluid, diverse, and interconnected identities of Queer People of Color through storytelling, art, and media campaigns. 

QIA has weekly meetings as well as events every month, from poetry jams to film nights. More information on their events and platform can be found on the organization's website.