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Women*s Center

two asian women giving a presentation
logo for Association of Pacific and Asian Women

The Association of Pacific and Asian Women is committed to coordinating student programs that heighten awareness of Pacific and Asian women’s issues. APAW’s programs empower the community and individual pride, celebrate our rich cultures, and highlight our diverse contributions. The Association of Pacific and Asian Women fosters leadership development opportunities for women by bringing ideas and vision into action on an individual and group level. Women’s leadership roles are supported and fostered within our organization.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges, a multicultural showcase of talent and skill, has been a part of Washington State University for 15 years. Building Bridges is a chance for all of us to show the beauty of the diverse backgrounds which enrich WSU. This annual program is a chance for members of the WSU community to show who we are, without constraints, censorship, assumptions, or stereotypes.

APAW asks that groups use this opportunity to speak to the audience about the many aspects of their cultures, to show that we are able to unite together as a multicultural community.